When He Hold…The Heart Beats!!!

Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 7.02.08 PM

And the day has finally come ,the one he has been waiting for a long time . No one will ever know the struggles he had to face to overcome the troubles he had  .And now all he had to go through was one final round of drill.Sound proof room,initial preparation ,sound check… few minutes later and everything was perfect for them ..but not to him .He knew that something was missing ..something that he knew that it was nearby but felt far away..he feared whether his best day would turn down to a dreadful one.

The stage was set and beautifully orchestrate .He knew that his time was about to materialize . One year and 3 days of back burner ..and here it is the reverie epoch ..the dream day .Huge number of people
invigorating ..and thats when he knew that it was about his time .It was dark ..dark as if it resembled fiends .He was able to hear his unsynchronized respire .Getting on that stage felt like it was gonna take for ever .But things turned over when he had the beautiful site ever …thousands of people staring into the dark juncture ..and when he clutched the microphone …he had the same tenderness that he had forgotten long back .The tip of the fist started to refrigerate expanding it to the longer sides ,the jacket he had ,felt like the solicitous cuddle of the nightingale ,his feet started to feel like they never belonged to him.Background score running ..spotlights on …crowd goes wild and the rest stays forever in his memory yet to be shared cause he finds himself greedy that he wants the rest to be just for himself amidst the other half bothering apart.


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