They all were aching to hear what he was going to say …after all,they have been holding back for a long time.Even though he knew that this was the exemplary time to esteem the same,he did keep them longing for a few more moment in purpose .He was not sure as to how he wanted it to start but the only thing he was irrefutable was to how he wanted it to end .He wanted them to experience every glimpse of the soothing affair that he felt with the right voice when it resonated with the perfect note of the sharp tone just like how the foamy cheesy slice melted in when it was given its first conclave with the pride of heat .

Being in the music industry for the past few decades , little did he know that he was intended to change the game for ever.With the simple beguile melody in his mind which he was sure to be a breakthrough in his career, he was bewildered as to whom he would approach. Like a frantic man who had no idea what was happening around him, he kept on singing the melody throughout the day .His mind was in ardent search for the perfect voice to suite his beguile melody .Minutes,hours, days bolted , with just a matter of valued time left in front of him for the takeover ,he felt that this project was never going to happen as he had to dropout .

Time went numb , trees murmured , wind fluttered and the only thing he could hear was the perfect soothing voice sleeking towards his ears with the perfect beguile melody being sung by the unnoticed yet routine voice that he was sure he was familiar with .

Eyes widened ,throat distended ,lips twinkled and the next thing that happened was just magical .Nominations, Awards ,Phone calls , Surprises, the house was filled with joy .At first being a musician was never her choice but now it has turned to be her destiny and the only thing that mattered to me was that i was intended to play a part which I thought I couldn’t and thats how my children came to know about their grandmother being a celebrity musical prodigy .I knew that this was the exemplary time to esteem the whole story to them cause I could see my mom looking from those peaceful clouds holding a beautiful cherishing smile “lips twinkle ” .


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