what if ?

He was so happy that he could finally meet his parents and siblings after the long wait .Every second felt like it lasted an hour for him,well!! Thats why he hated the waiting part the most.He never knew about how he came across the worst stages of the most thrilling days , but somehow he did.Thats when he realized that it was his final call to board the flight .

He was comfortable with his window seat ,common its the window seat who rather wouldn’t!! And was ready to finally take off.Then began the long awaited journey.Flight was stable & thats when the fine looking earphones hanging in front of the display screen got his attention,they appeared to him as a weird looking smily .He thought about giving those a try to kill the boring time.He wore those on , and looked through those windows to perceive the fading of the sun amidst the snow like clouds.His eyes slowly closed without his mere notice,he was soon asleep.He was now in another world .The world filled with thoughts and realization.

“One fine day you will realize that you are never again going to see that person anymore.The one who was there with you your entire life..the one who helped you to change your approach towards life….the one who gave upon their entire life just to fulfill the goals that you had for yourself, but now they are no more a part of your life. They have made themselves free..from this world filled with responsibilities ..now they finally can have their life for their own .You would wish for everything happening around you now to fall among those category of bad dreams that you had in the past,you could wish cause thats the only choice you are left with now. You saw them fading away in front of you ,and all you could do was to stand still ,helpless without knowing what actually was happening .Thats when realization took him to another level and made him thunderstruck with that particular question ..what if you are not going to see that person or place anymore?.” He opened his eyes with astonishment without knowing what just happened to him cause his subconscious had already covered the entire episode from him …he noticed that he still had his headphones working and he figured out that he just slept throughout his entire journey and was finally about to arrive at his destination .He had the same smile,but did anyone ever bother to tell him that this smile was not going to last that long cause the same realization was about to happen in his real life and he would wish that this journey did never happen .He could wish !!!


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