The story seemed to be an open script filled with blank dialogues to them.Yet they never knew that they had to play its lead.The outline was unique yet simple..but somewhere in between they felt like everything lost its track and was about to fall apart.But they never understood that they were winning from the first ..cause that’s how things usually work.Happiness,Emotions,Difficulty, Challenges …the story appeared exquisite in every possible way .

Time encountered its role,it tried to teach them that everything that appeared to be steady was liable to fall with new ideas,yet experience was their only choice .Some understood ..some never did.The overall plot seemed lively with emotions.New lessons ,new atmosphere ,new concepts ..they seemed to fall in love with their characters after all.

The story line after the interval scene was never that bright as it was in the first .Every character had now changed into a villain and every smile into a sorrow .They were helpless ,they were dull and the only thing that they had left for themselves was the memories that left them behind ..that’s when they realized how the climax of the story would be & who the real script writers were ..cause now the story has a name and its called life.


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